Maurizio Bazzoli

  • Sector: primarily banking, bankruptcy, and corporate crimes, offenses against persons and property, environmental law and tax law. He acts as a consultant for companies and banks on criminal law.
  • Languages: Italian, English.

Mr. Bazzoli was born in Pavia in 1974 and graduated with honors in Law from “La Sapienza” University of Rome in 1998. Soon after graduating, he collaborated with the Department of Criminal Law as an expert. He was admitted to practice law in 2001, and to practice before the Italian Supreme Court and other high courts in 2013. He has represented major Italian and foreign state-owned and private-sector companies, both in and out of court, primarily in the banking, finance, energy, telecommunications, construction, and transportation sectors. He has accrued a vast amount of experience in corporate criminal law and white-collar crime, in particular bankruptcy crimes, tax offenses, corporate crime, environmental and urban-planning crimes, workplace safety and hygiene violations, offenses against the public administration and the administration of justice, offenses against one’s honor, privacy, and reputation, and crimes committed by entities under Legislative Decree no. 231/01.