Professionals Professionals The firm can count on a large number of professionals to assist our clients in our two offices in Rome, Via Eleonora Duse n. 35 and Milan, Largo Schuster n. 1. It has professional contacts with law firms in major Italian and foreign cities, which enables it to operate efficiently across the country and on an international level.

Riccardo Olivo

Ernesto Gregorio Valenti

Anna D’Alessandro

Maria Carla Pagnotta

Nicola Apa

Maurizio Bazzoli

Massimiliano Lecce

Prof. Enrico Mezzetti

Ilaria Sieni

Federico Olivo

Tommaso Sabbatini

Sara Capogna

Chiara Ognibene

Jessica Chiricò

Marcello Sestieri

Nicoletta Dall’Agata

Mario Pellegrino

Maria Chiara Lolli

Roberto Carlo Ferrara